Rolls Royce Brand Strategist

Company | Rolls Royce (BMW Group)

Company description | British luxury automobile maker.

Job location | West Sussex (UK)

Job description | Sitting within the Brand Strategy & Governance team, this role helps to protect and shape the Rolls-Royce brand by working across all disciplines of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Corporate Identity, which includes printed marketing (2D), digital (4D) and physical brand representation (3D) within Dealer premises and within the Goodwood Plant. This role creates the opportunity to understand different mediums of design, understand and develop content management systems, track budgets and work across different areas within Rolls-Royce.The ideal candidate would have excellent attention to detail, good written and interpersonal skills as well as a passion for creativity.

Compensation package |£ 17.500 per year + several benefits, such as: pension scheme, various holidays, in-house restaurant use. In a first period the contract will be for a fixed term (1 year, starting from July 2018).

Application period | From March, 22 to June, 30 2018.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Strong problem solving and team working attitude; project management experience; high aesthetic sense; skills in the design field; fluent English and German.