Company | SuperYacht Times

Company description | Leading superyachts website, updated daily with the most relevant and interesting superyacht news and information.

Job location | Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Job description | Develop a new line of creative products in the digital field of luxury travel and yachting: working alongside the digital team on video editing, lifestyle and infotainment graphics; web photo editing; newsletter construction and editing; social media campaigns management.

Compensation package | To be determined during the job interview; free lunches; real experience – in other words, you’re not going to be making coffee and printing documents all day! We’re a pretty young team here at SuperYacht Company, and love working hard but also playing hard. Expect Friday beers and office parties aplenty.*

*Free alcohol – yaay

Application period | From May, 28 to October, 31 2018.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Young and dynamic creator who relishes creating new and fresh content; a storyteller that believes in the power of images; someone looking beyond a 9-5 work mentality; familiar with Adobe’s Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro; active on social media and constantly searching for inspiration from other creators; team player who adapts easily to outsiders’ ideas; currently enrolled at a university; spoken english at a (near) native level; demonstrable interest in and passion for digital media; lots and lots of initiative. Like yachts, the ocean and maritime world? That’s a big plus!