Company | IMG Artists

Company description | Leading universal performing arts management corporation, its business includes the management and touring of the world-renowned musicians, dance companies, orchestras, and attractions.

Job location | Paris (France)

Job description | Manage the Paris twitter account; update the website; communicate with the artists and assisting with their logistics; find accommodation for the artists in various cities throughout the world; assist the opera houses with their administrative requests; update and translate biographies; send out approved contracts to the relevant parties.

Compensation package | € 546 per month + a travel card refund (full amount) + subsidised food vouchers.

Application period | From August, 8 to October, 31 2018.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Great love and knowledge of classical music; fluent French and English speaker; detail-oriented; with excellent communication skills, and possess a good attitude and the ability to take initiative and follow through on project.