Handcraft Jewellery Company Manager in Breathtaking Zambian National Park

Company | Mulberry Mongoose

Company description | Zambian business that creates handcrafted, accessories, which capture elements of the African bush.

Job location | Mfuwe (Zambia)

Job description | Help manage and be part of a team of 8 local ladies who are highly trained in jewellery and bead making. You will work closely with the whole team and have regular meetings with the Production Assistant and company Founder.

Compensation package | USD 750 per month + benefits (housing provided).

Application period | From October, 31 2018 to March, 31 2019.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | A Down to earth, flexible and unflappable character – you never know what a new day brings in this remote environment, so a cool head is important; attention to detail; people skills – dealing with people from all walks of life, handling cultural differences; patience and good communication skills –you need to be able to calmly convey information and ensure good communication between the team members.