BusAbout Great Travel Experimenter, “Hop-On-Hop-Off” Across 3 Continents

Company | BusAbout

Company description | Unique travel company, with an award-winning Hop-On Hop-Off flexible coach network and innovative Adventures.

Job location | On the move.

Job description | Capture and share your experience with the world through the company social channels. Votes from Instagram followers will decide the experiences you’ll enjoy on the trip. Anything from the flavour of ice-cream you’ll slurp on in New York, to whether you’ll sky-dive the Swiss alps. Candidates (3 Instagram content creators and 3 videographers) will have to be prepared for anything, and be ready to embrace travelling in the moment. You’ll need to be able to creatively tell a story though social media and know how to engage an audience.

Compensation package | BusAbout will cover all costs of transfer and accommodation during the trip; you will receive a daily allowance to cover general travel and sustenance expenses; BusAbout will book return airfare from your closest international airport; you will receive a weekly fee (paid every 2 weeks) for succesfully completing the briefs required.

Application period | From March, 14 to April, 8 2019.

Number open positions | 6

Candidate qualifications | Charismatic content creators who can capture the beauty of the world we live in.