Bordeaux Vineyards Technician, Take Part In The Harvest Preparation

Company | GDON de Bordeaux

Company description | Group of Defense against harmful organisms of vineyards.

Job location | Bordeaux (France)

Job description | Winemakers fight continuously against flavescence dorée, an incurable disease. In August and September, teams explore the vineyard on foot to spot sick vines. GDON Bordeaux conducts these actions in the Gironde territory east of the Garonne. You’ll have to participate in the search for contaminated vines, validate the diagnosis and collect the vineyard leaves for analysis, organize the work and planning of the team, check compliance with the protocol, enter observation data, supervise a group of prospectors.

Compensation package | EUR 1.900 per month. The contract will have a 2 months duration, from early August to late September.

Application period | From May, 14 to June, 10 2019.

Number open positions | 9

Candidate qualifications | Graduate; outdoor work lover; good physical conditions; autonomous; organized; rigorous.