Art Agent In Marbella, Grease The Wheels Between Artists And Clients

Company | Advocat Art

Company description | Specialist art licensing agency & children’s book illustration agency based in London, Marbella & New York.

Job location | Marbella (Spain)

Job description | Be the middle person between great artists and great clients; so, you make the link, grease the wheels and basically make sure everything works out. There is an existing group of clients that you will eventually look after and there is a degree of new business development.

Compensation package | EUR 28.000 per year + benefits (expenses paid travel -World Wide, London, Italy etc. and a bonus scheme).

Application period | From May, 17 to June, 30 2019.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Fluency in either german or french is a must, followed by strong language ability in english; spanish is appreciated but not mandatory; art / illustration lover.