On Board “Judge For One Day” As A Food Lover, A Family Manager Or A Travel Expert

Company | Moby

Company description | Leading shipping company in Italy in the transport of cars and passengers to the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

Job location | On the move.

Job description | On a round-trip cruise, the company hires three professional experts, called “food lover”, “family manager” and “travel expert”, who will test the services during one working day, respectively food (catering), family (areas available to families) and travel (comfort of cabins and common areas), made by a type vessel operating in the Moby / Tirrenia circuit.

Compensation package | EUR 10.000 per one day job!

Application period | From June, 3 to June, 30 2019.

Number open positions | 3 (1 Food Lover, 1 Family Manager, 1 Travel Expert)

Candidate qualifications | As a Food Lover: You love food and you turn every dish into art; when you travel never give up the pleasures of the table; you think a good holiday cannot do without good food. As a FamilyManager: you are the perfect organizer for any family trip; you match your needs with those of your children on every occasion;  you always know how to entertain them. As a Travel Expert: you always know how to find comfort and convenience on every trip; before booking, you evaluate each possibility and check each offer.