Guinness Beer Taster In Cosy Dublin Pubs

Company | The Irish Road Trip

Company description | Travel planning site for road trips in Ireland.

Job location | Dublin (Ireland)

Job description | Visit and review pubs in Dublin that are known for pouring velvety pints of the black stuff. The successful applicant will be provided with a ‘hit list’, of sorts. The list contains a handful of Dublin pubs that are known the island over for the quality of their pint. The successful applicant will then be required to: visit each pub; order a pint; consume said pint; snap a photo; write a 250-word review.

Compensation package | €22 per hour + pints paid for.

Application period | From September, 24 to September, 28 2019.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Have the ability to string together an enticing pint review; be able to snap a high-quality photo of a pint (no fancy camera needed – a snap with a phone is grand!); have space in your calendar to visit the pubs over a four-week period in November and early December; be over 18.